December 25, 2009, Batopilas Chihuahua.

Mountain Overlooking Satevó

The motel Mary is in the heart of Batopilas, right across from the main church. The sounds of children singing Christmas songs and Christmas music from a loud speaker serenaded us late into the night. We woke up in Batopilas on Christmas day.

I saw that Everest was getting ready for the day, cleaning his helmet. It is amazing how one day he is lying in the middle of the road breathing his last breath and the next day he is full of life waiting to ride out of the Copper Canyon.

We ate a quick breakfast in the motel restaurant and headed out. Today we try to make it to Urique. On our way out we stopped in the Cathedral of Satevó. I tried to get direction out of the canyon from here, but no one seemed to know.

We went south on a dirt road and when we came on a fork we were not sure which direction to go. We asked a young man in an old beat-up truck. He pointed to the right up a huge mountain.

We could see the road winding its way up the top of the crest. As we were climbing we came to another fork and decided to go left, but after a while the road was getting real rough. We had to track back as we saw that we were going the wrong way.

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I saw that Everest was starting to move around and moan. I got closer to him and told him not to move. He didn’t listen to me, he tried to stand up and fell back down. I was also concerned about coming traffic, especially the ones coming from the south around the bend.

Vehicles travel fast on this road and there were two people laying in the middle of the street. I helped Everest move to the side of the road. I asked him if he was ok and if anything hurt. He looked at me and asked what happened.

He could not remember anything about the accident. I moved him and sat him on the side away from the road. I then saw the boy crawling to the side of the road.

Well at least he is moving.

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The Chihuahua state highway from Creel is a well maintained paved road that winds through beautiful Ponderosa and pine trees. It had snowed yesterday but today was all blue sky. The nice asphalt was already dry from the melting snow and as I accelerated, I realized that this road was made to be ridden in motorcycles.

As I leaned my bike to the right on another twisty curve I could hear the knobby tires of my DR650 dual sport bike squeak a bit in protest as the rubber met the pavement. I was careful not to lean too much, it was too early to chance an accident on our journey to the bottom of Copper Canyon on our journey to reach Batopilas in our two motorcycles.

I was following Everest who was keeping a good speed, I looked down at my speedometer and saw that I was just below 50 mph pulling out of the wide curve. I had to remind myself not to push myself too hard, after all, we were here to relax and do three full days of riding the Tarahumara back country on our motorcycles.

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