The Bad Boy and the Skater Girl.

Today we did yet another photo shoot with Jami. I want to thank Matthew and Maria for hanging out with me and helping with the photo shoot. I really like it when familia collaborate with the projects.

Some people may be wondering why two photo shoots with Jami? That is because she gets into the photo shoots. She puts effort in the project by fixing herself and modifying her wardrobe to fit the theme, shares in the idea and is excited about the photo shoot.

This is important to me because in reality this is not just my photo shoot, but a sharing of concept and collaborating in creating the look both photographer and model are happy with. Lately I have been shooting a few professional models, but it sure feels good when I share something like this with familia, and are excited about the project as I am.

 On this shoot we called it the "Skater Girl," and most of the detail of the look was mostly Jami's idea. I think she did a good job!

I really enjoyed the time I spent with her preparing for the shoot, collaborating in the idea and actually doing the shoot. During the photo shoot it got hot and it was a difficult condition shooting in the drainage culverts. Jami got a little tired and at times frustrated, but I hope that does not discourage her from future shoots. Modeling and posing is not easy as most people think.

We even got some action shots, so yes, it was fun to spend some time with my nieces and nephew to create some nice photography. Thanks!

Anyhow to view more pictures of Jami and to buy prints, go HERE.

On our way to the photo shoot:

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