Back in my high school days I grew up listening to Carlos Santana. My crazy friends and I would drive around all over the south valley jamming to his music for hours.

One of the songs, actually there is no singing just pure bad ass guitar, is a song by the name Samba Pa' Ti. I recently heard a young "musico" play it and he nailed every note to the bone. Miranda enchanted me as I watched his fingers make his guitar come alive in tribute to Santana and a flood of memories overwhelmed me. Ah yes, the memories of this "old school" song.

I wish that I was back in Rio Grande High School hanging out with my friends while cruising at Itchycoo Park, but now is all gone. At one time they had renamed it San Gabriel Park but to us, it was always Itchycoo Park. It was a park where you could escape into a thick forest (bosque) of cottonwoods and find peace while enjoying the sound of Carlos' guitar. Parked underneath the shade of an old ancient tree, laughing with your friends, only exisiting with the beautiful melody of the music and the sanctuary of the towering trees by the river.

But now the park is gone.

Now, the park is just a fading memory, and only the music remains. They tore it down a while back and built the Botanic Garden. The place is now full of tourists, walking around like if it was Disneyland or something. But if you walk to a quiet corner, away from all the noise and crowds, you can hear the distant melody of a guitar.

So play it Hendry Miranda, play it one more time like you have never played it before and, take me back to Itchycoo Park.

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