You are a pretty vulnerable girl travelling on your red BMW through a dark deserted road and suddenly the car stalls on the side road.

Alone in the Dark Road

Looking ouside from the safety of your car is dark, desolate, threatning and unforgiving. You wonder what lurks in the shadows of the night?

Broken Down in Darkened Road

You wonder what made your car died in the middle on nowhere, but being a high class girl, the cause is a mystery beyond comprehension.

Engine Failure

So what is a pretty girl in the middle of the night to do while stranded in a lonely road miles from civilization?
Gaze upon the sky for a sign of protecion from the angels of God.

Hitchin' a Ride

All you can do is hope for the best and pray the night is friendly with opprtunity for slavation.

Model Kris Chamberlain shot in a lonely road in Milan New Mexico.

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