Sitting by the Boiler
Today I along with fellow photographer Kevin did a photo shoot at the Albuquerque railyards.

We had two models, the first was Miss Minie.

The Hall of the Railyard

She was pleasant to work with and very professional.

The railyards are abandoned and have a lot of good places to do photo shoots.

The Swing

Ther other model was Aliice Black, very young and energetic model. Aliice might be young but is a very good model.


We had a blast shooting at the railyards, a favorite place for local photographers.

Hot at the Oven


  1. Are You Able To Do A 15s Photoshoot?
    around the miami area?

  2. Given the shooting location, thought you'd like a portion of the book that appears on the opening page of this photo web site:

    Bob, Arlington, VA.


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