Tonight we did a photo shoot with Perico and his motorcycle over the city of Albuquerque. I been wanting to do this photo shoot for a while, and we finally connected to do it. I am glad we did. The location was on the side of the road on a dirt patch with little room to move around. The wind was not a problem, although I did tip one of my lights at one time. We shot at sunset and at night overlooking the skyline of Albuquerque.

Hanging out with the Harley
I want to thank the girls, Vero and Maria for helping me create some great magic. I really enjoy myself when the girls hang out with me, it is truly a joy to be among their company. Everytime I ask them for help, they are always there, and I do appreciate everything they do.

Displaying his Colors

I thought the photographs came out great. Here is Perico wearing the jacket with the Marentes insignia.

Born to be Wild

I was also able to get the girls in the action. Here is Vero riding on the back of the bike.

Sundat Drive on the Harley

And not to be undone, Maria was a natural. The girls were great, we went to go eat dinner at Frontier afterward, I had a blast!

Pedro over Burque

Anyhow, you can view more pictures and buy prints HERE.
The first photograph made it to the portfolio, yay!

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