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Wedding at the Chamber of Death
"Pssst, see that guard!! Yeah, that one! Sic em."

Today I joined a few local photographers for a shoot at the New Mexico sate pennitentiary.

We shot some models. There were a lot of models, I did not get enough time to shoot them all. I think over all I did ok with my shots. Ariel is wearing the wedding dress and Crystal is wearing the black dress.

Black Night at the Chamber
"Ladies in Black at the Chamber"

These two models were Crystal and Ariel, they did good. Crystal was very good, she has modeled before. Ariel is new to the modeling business, this being her second shoot but looks like a quick lerner. It was very cold in the empty prison walls and both models were good in good spirit, doing everything they could for a good shot.

Go Ahead Pull It!
"Go Ahead Pull It!"

This is Ramon sitting on the gas chamber. By his side are Crystal and Ariel.

Within the Shadows
"Within the Shadows"
This one was taken on the boiler room. It was very dark and setting the lights was a challange.

Princess of Darkness
"Princess of Darkness"

My favorite model was Crystal who is very easy to photograph and knows how to pose.

Jail Bait
"Jail Bait"

She has a few tattoos on her, but is still very attractive and good on the eye.

"The Ax Man"

This shot was the idea of Kevin, he took his shot here, I took my own version.

Anyway, this will be a series of theme shots I will be doing. I will be working on many more projects here soon. If anyone wants to model or know of a model who wants to participate in exchange for the images, get ahold of me.

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