December 25, 2009, Batopilas Chihuahua.

Mountain Overlooking Satevó

The motel Mary is in the heart of Batopilas, right across from the main church. The sounds of children singing Christmas songs and Christmas music from a loud speaker serenaded us late into the night. We woke up in Batopilas on Christmas day.

I saw that Everest was getting ready for the day, cleaning his helmet. It is amazing how one day he is lying in the middle of the road breathing his last breath and the next day he is full of life waiting to ride out of the Copper Canyon.

We ate a quick breakfast in the motel restaurant and headed out. Today we try to make it to Urique. On our way out we stopped in the Cathedral of Satevó. I tried to get direction out of the canyon from here, but no one seemed to know.

We went south on a dirt road and when we came on a fork we were not sure which direction to go. We asked a young man in an old beat-up truck. He pointed to the right up a huge mountain.

We could see the road winding its way up the top of the crest. As we were climbing we came to another fork and decided to go left, but after a while the road was getting real rough. We had to track back as we saw that we were going the wrong way.

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I saw that Everest was starting to move around and moan. I got closer to him and told him not to move. He didn’t listen to me, he tried to stand up and fell back down. I was also concerned about coming traffic, especially the ones coming from the south around the bend.

Vehicles travel fast on this road and there were two people laying in the middle of the street. I helped Everest move to the side of the road. I asked him if he was ok and if anything hurt. He looked at me and asked what happened.

He could not remember anything about the accident. I moved him and sat him on the side away from the road. I then saw the boy crawling to the side of the road.

Well at least he is moving.

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The Chihuahua state highway from Creel is a well maintained paved road that winds through beautiful Ponderosa and pine trees. It had snowed yesterday but today was all blue sky. The nice asphalt was already dry from the melting snow and as I accelerated, I realized that this road was made to be ridden in motorcycles.

As I leaned my bike to the right on another twisty curve I could hear the knobby tires of my DR650 dual sport bike squeak a bit in protest as the rubber met the pavement. I was careful not to lean too much, it was too early to chance an accident on our journey to the bottom of Copper Canyon on our journey to reach Batopilas in our two motorcycles.

I was following Everest who was keeping a good speed, I looked down at my speedometer and saw that I was just below 50 mph pulling out of the wide curve. I had to remind myself not to push myself too hard, after all, we were here to relax and do three full days of riding the Tarahumara back country on our motorcycles.

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A Child's Nightmare Past
Ghost of a child in the dark corner of the Shadows,
Exorcist within the walls from a child's nightmare past,
tormenting, horrid fear, the ghost from the past reemerges.
God forbid, turn on the lights, it's almost halloween.

A Child's Nightmare Past
Today I did a photo shoot with my little niece Kimi Marentes at an abandoned house on route 66 just north of Laguna. I want to thank Mom and Christina for helping with the shoot.

Angel of the Dark

Tonight I did another photo shoot with local model Natsha Nazario at the hot springs in Jemez. It was a nice shoot and I did enjoy shooting with her again. It was a nice night and I got in the water without getting my gear wet.


She was a good sport, it got a little cold, but we left before the rain came.

Natasha at the Hot Springs

I was very happy with the results.

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Once it Was, , , ,

Tonight I did a photo shoot in the old abandoned Madrid Lounge and the old train station on downtown Albuquerque. This is a place I use to go and listen to jazz. The lounge has been a nightlife to many venues, but recently it has been closed for some time. Despite the homeless people trying to bum some money, and starting too late about 8:30pm (went to bed about 2am) all went well.

Natasha Nazario

I got to work with Albuquerque model Natasha Nazario age 18. She is a beautiful girl and very easy to work with. Seemed to be very professional and knows how to pose well.

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I decided to put work out of my mind for this three-day weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) and enjoy myself at the lake. I went with my two brothers to the Elephant Butte Lake. We took my brother’s boat and we decided that we would return on Monday. Maybe this is what I really needed, you know to get away for a while. I was in good spirits. I went to pick up my brother and his boat. He loaded two big coolers. I thought to myself, “these guys really plan ahead, they got food.” While I assisted loading the coolers I looked in one and it was full of beer. I then looked in the other and there it was, it was also full of beer. You know, these two guys really have their priorities in order.

I guess when my dad lectured us about having priorities in life, he should have been more specific. “Hey where is the food?” “Ah, we’ll stop on our way,” my brother answered nonchalant. We did stop and got food on our way, but you know, I kept thinking, “we need no stinking food, hell, we got enough beer to last us months.”

We got to the lake and my brother thought that we might do some fishing before it got warm. We pulled out our fishing gear and started setting up our rods. “What are you doing dude?” My brother asked when he saw me putting some bright orange “Power Bait” on my hook. He looked at me with that look of disgust and I thought, “oh no!” I am obviously doing something wrong.

“I am putting this delicious orange glowing paste of who knows what for a hungry fish that is going to find it irresistible and the fish is going to try to grab a bite, then ‘wham!’ I am going to hook him,” I replied with that as a matter of fact look. Can’t let him think I am a novice when it comes to fishing. “Dude, we are gonna be trolling,” he said while throwing me a can he found inside a small cooler. “Of course, trolling! I knew that!” I said while catching the can with one hand. “Live bait,” the can read and as I opened it, it was full of long crawling worms.


Forget the food substitute, with preservatives and all the chemical crap. These fishies were in luck this morning, they were going to get the real thing! I took my time attempting real hard to pierce this poor worm with my hook and throw him over board at the mercy of some big fish with a big jaw and big teeth. “At least I hoped,” I thought while flinging the worm over the water.

Then something occurred to me. My brother’s boat is one of those high-speed boats for water sports. You know the kind of boat made for water skiing, tubing, that kind of stuff. He did not have a trolling motor on his boat. “Hey bro, do you think maybe we are going a little too fast?” I asked trying not to sound too stupid. “No way bro, I catch fish on my boat like this all the time,” my brother answered while looking at me as if I had no hope. “Well, I hope I get one of them fish who is a distance runner and in very good shape, because that is the kind of fish that is going to take to catch my worm,” I thought. Then the darndest thing happened. I looked at my fishing line and I swear, my worm was water skiing. He was doing flips, backward turns and everything. He looked very impressive, made me very proud.

“Hey bro, want a beer?” my brother asked with a grin……


Tubing until the toes curl

After a couple of beers, three sacrificed unwilling worms and no fish, it was starting to get hot. “Well, are you guys ready to do some water skiing?” My brother asked and we nodded our heads. No sense letting the worms do all the skiing today. “Who wants to go first?” My brother asked while throwing a large red inner tube in the water. With this heat I was ready to jump in the water to cool off a bit. So I volunteered.

They thought we could start on the tube and then move on to actual water skiing. I got on real careful making sure my straw hat didn’t fall off. “Hey, I forgot my beer,” I asked pointing at the cold beer resting on the side of the boat. “Hey dude! what are you doing?” my brother came over to me like there was some huge misunderstanding. “You can’t wear your hat, sunglasses and on top of that drink a beer? What do you think this is, Paradise Island?”

My brother teased while pulling me in. “Here let us show you how to do it bro,” My brother helped me off the tube and handed me my beer back. So, we started with the tube ride and at the high speed they were pulling the tube, nobody could stay on for long. You know when you throw a rock to make it skip on top of the water? Well when you fell off the tube it had the same effect. When I finally got the courage to get on the tube, both my brothers started pointing and laughing at me. I was somewhat confused as to why they were laughing at me. “Now what?” I looked at my toes, the direction of their attraction, and my toes were curled up as if trying to grasp the side of the tube.

The ride was fast and the water was hitting me hard in the face. I could not see a thing and I was holding on for dear life. I actually wanted to let go, but was not sure what would happen to me at this high speed. So I held on as tight as I could, fearing for my life if I dare to let go. I regret to admit I was afraid of falling. Then suddenly after a few turns and bounces, and while maintaining a death grip on the side of the tube, the inevitable happened. I fell. I went airborne and tumbled a few times before landing upside down. It hurt and it took the wind out of me. Now I know what the worms went through! I got on the boat glad I was still alive and my brothers were laughing real hard, “bitching dude, you held on for a long time.” “Piece of cake, dude!” I replied.

After a few hours on the water my brother needed to use the restroom real bad. I was glad, I was not ready to continue this madness. He reminded us that he needed to go bad. Not long after that there was a real bad stench on the boat. Me and my other brother moved away from my brother who needed the restroom. He was in the front of the boat steering with a sense of urgency while we were in the rear pressed against the edge. We were clustered together cowering to the ill odor coming from up wind, the front. We covered our noses, mainly for visual effect, although it did smell. His denial was not convincing considering his admission for the need to relieve himself. There was no doubt in our minds that he was shamefully guilty. However, we were wrong in our assertion, because once we got to shore, we discovered that Rudy (my dog) had taken a crap on top of the boat, the source of the smell.

It was not fun cleaning the mess, let me tell you! After scooping the last moist paddy from the floor of the boat my brother peeked over with a wide smile on his face. He had obviously achieved comfort inside the outhouse by the beach. “Hey bro, there is someone who is in law enforcement just like you and who wants to meet you,” my brother said looking more relaxed. We went to meet some of my brother’s friends and there is where my brother introduced me to Kim McGuire…….


Riding the Jet Ski with Kim

“Hey bro, I want you to meet someone who is in law enforcement. You know someone who shares in the code of silence,” my brother said excitedly as we neared the camp where his friends where located. “The code must be so silent that I don’t even know about it,” I thought to myself. When we got there, he immediately introduced me to Kim Mcguire. Have you ever heard that saying that all pets resemble their masters, or the masters resemble their pets? Well when I met Kim, I was looking for the Bulldog. She was short, stocky (not really very overweight) and looked mean. There she was a blond in a bikini that looked as if she lifted weights with her square frame. She was still shapely and with her cute face almost attractive.

She was a guard at a correction facility in El Paso and by her looks, I bet she could wipe the snot off the meanest convict in her watch. She came over to me and shook my hand. Her mighty grip was like a vise; strong, powerful and forceful. I faked the pain and tried to put my hand in my pocket, but my swimming trucks had none. I put my hands behind my back and started wiggling my fingers to allow the circulation to flow again.

“You guys want to ride my Jet Ski?” She said while pointing at a beautiful red Jet Ski in the water. “Sure, except we need to go to our camp first,” I responded while looking at my brother. My brother looked at me with that blank look and was getting ready to say something until I gave him the meanest look I could muster. “Well, if you want I can stop by your place later. You are not real far from here,” She responded. “Cool,” I said while we walked away.

“What was that about?” Asked my brother. “She was making me nervous, but it might be fun to ride that nice Jet Ski.” Not longer after arriving to our camp, Kim showed up on her Jet Ski. “HEY ALEX, READY FOR A RIDE?” She yelled while spinning and squirting water all over the place. “Get on,” she responded while moving the rear of the Jet Ski toward my direction. “You mean get in the back seat?” I asked pointing to the back seat as if there was some sort of misunderstanding or as if this was a joke. “Yes, don’t be a whuz!” Well I certainly was no “whuz,” so I got on.

I got on the back seat and before I could get comfortable, she accelerated throwing water all around us. I had to immediately grab her side to avoid falling off. “Grab on sweetie,” she yelled laughing. I then realize we were the only couple in which the male was the passenger on the back seat. She cut another sharp turn and I had to grasp her side to avoid taking a spill. She was spinning and cutting turns so sharp that I had to tighten my grip. Somehow, I felt secure from falling but insecure for riding “bitch” on the back seat. But I must admit, despite all this I was enjoying the thrill of the ride. “Are you doing OK hon?” Kim asked and somehow, I felt like my own dog; small, fearful, timid, yellow (my dog’s color), weak, wimpy, well……. like a whuz! “Ah!, this is nothing hon, let it rip,” I responded with my heaviest tone of voice.

I glanced down and noticed the darnest thing. My toes were curled up. Darn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Today we did another photo shoot on top of the Sandia mountains, right next to rock house.

It was a very nice night and we had four models. I got to shoot with Erica again, She is one of thebest models I have worked with. This will be my second shoot with her.

Inside the rock house. We hiked back to our cars at dark and by the time I got home it was already about 11pm.


The Bad Boy and the Skater Girl.

Today we did yet another photo shoot with Jami. I want to thank Matthew and Maria for hanging out with me and helping with the photo shoot. I really like it when familia collaborate with the projects.

Some people may be wondering why two photo shoots with Jami? That is because she gets into the photo shoots. She puts effort in the project by fixing herself and modifying her wardrobe to fit the theme, shares in the idea and is excited about the photo shoot.

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Today I did a photo shoot with local model Erin Rose.

The Golden Angel in Black

She was very beautiful, a good model and open to suggestions.

Looking Inside the Shadows

We went to the mesa west of Rio Rancho where we found a burned abandoned car which we used as a prop. We had some nice clouds and eventually a nice sunset.

Armed Angel

This photo shoot was original labeled "Charlie Angel," but we made changes as we made the plans leading to the eventual event. Erin was armed and ready for action.

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Wed 13 Jul 2005

Final Place to rest

Alejandro Ramon Marentes

Iglesia Apostólica Bethel
El miércoles 13 de julio del 2005

Buenos dias mi nombre es Alejandro Ramón Marentes y soy hijo del señor Antonió Marentes. Antonio es nuestro padre pero todos nosotros de carino le llamamos papá.

To all my brothers and sisters I just want to say that we must always stick together like glue. We need to start taking care of each other and we need to start looking after our nephews and nieces. We especially need to start looking after our mother and tending to her needs. She needs us more than ever before, she is not alone. Let's do this in honor of our father, who gave us this message recently. Always keep our dad in your hearts, retain the beautiful memories of when he was alive and never forget our family. I love you all with all of my heart.

Estos ultimos dias an sidos dias muy tristes para nuestra familia. Nuestro padre nos dejo en esta vida. Y lo recordamos con mucho cariño y lo extranamos con mucho dolor.

Con cuales palabras puedo describir el ser de mi padre?

Como todos nosostros tambien existen nuestros pocos defectos. Pero las grandes calidades de nuestro padre eclipsan cualquier defecto que el tuviera.

Mi padre era un hombre que le sobraba orgullo, quien practicaba honestidad, el era grande en personaje, muy carinoso en su forma unica, con su character firme de gran autoridad, pero tambien era el defensor de los jovenes, pero mas de todo reconosemos su gran fiel cortesia.

Pero mas que todo mi padre era simple y sincero.

Nunca conoci a mi padre que le diera mucha importancia lo material. Cuando abundava la comida "el dia del pago" mi padre decia "coman ahora que ahí porque chansa que para maña ya no aiga."

Nunca se le olvidaba proponer un ofreciemeinto a todos los visitantes de su casa.

"Quiere algo de comer hijo?"


Tengo tantos recuerdos de mi papa que me alegran y dan calor a mi corazon.

Mi padre vive en las sangre de todos sus hijos e hijas, de todos sus nietos y nietas.

El nos toco a todos nosotros en un punto de nuestra vida muy importante, por eso estamos aqui dando nuestra despedida.

En su camino en esta vida tuvo muchas amistades, y no le faltaban palabras para hablar con sus amigos, sus compadres, o simplemente vecinos, o gente conocida, o genete extraña, o cualquiera persona que pudiera hablar español o nomas que pudieran hablar.

Nuestro padre forma un papel muy importante en todas las vidas de nuestra familia.

El amor que le tenemos no lo podemos negar.

Es real como el fue real en nuestra vida.

Lo tenemos en nuestro Corazon, este dia y todos los dia del resto de nuestra vida.

Mi padre en su mirar serena tiene el reflejo de su conciensa honrada. Sorprende el fulgor de su mirada y sus consejos carinosos y buenos

La nobleza de su alma forma el deber de su gloria

Es pobre, pero encierra su pobresa y eso es la pagina mas grande de su historia.

El dever siento oculto en mi alma el calor de su carino y la suerte a hecho honor a su nombre.

Yo pienso que el amor que me insipro de nino, es la mas grande inspiracion que tengo ahora de hombre.

Le pido al cielo que con el canto que me inspire y que con sus ojos lo vean con amor.

Y de todas mis palabras sean dignos de su nombre

Papá dios miro su cuerpo desde arriva,
tan cansado de tanto dolor.
De una vida que le estava abrumando,
Y Dios quizo el regreso de su hijo
Por eso el le quito el aire que respira,
pero le dio algo major
Un laguar para estar en paz,
un punto final de descanso

Dad God looked down on your body,
So tired from hanging on,
From a life that was overwhelming you,
And wanted back His son.
So he took away the air you breathe,
And gave you what was best,
A place to be at peace,
A final place to rest.

Papá guardenos un platito de menudo, y un vaso de jugo fresco de naranja,
para que algun dia podamos nuevamento compartirlo juntos.

Back in my high school days I grew up listening to Carlos Santana. My crazy friends and I would drive around all over the south valley jamming to his music for hours.

One of the songs, actually there is no singing just pure bad ass guitar, is a song by the name Samba Pa' Ti. I recently heard a young "musico" play it and he nailed every note to the bone. Miranda enchanted me as I watched his fingers make his guitar come alive in tribute to Santana and a flood of memories overwhelmed me. Ah yes, the memories of this "old school" song.

I wish that I was back in Rio Grande High School hanging out with my friends while cruising at Itchycoo Park, but now is all gone. At one time they had renamed it San Gabriel Park but to us, it was always Itchycoo Park. It was a park where you could escape into a thick forest (bosque) of cottonwoods and find peace while enjoying the sound of Carlos' guitar. Parked underneath the shade of an old ancient tree, laughing with your friends, only exisiting with the beautiful melody of the music and the sanctuary of the towering trees by the river.

But now the park is gone.

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I present to you Jami Marentes

Jami Marentes

Tonight I got to hang out with Jami, Vero and Maria as we collaborated to do a photo shoot with Jami.

Jami Marentes

Of course I don't have to tell you guys that Jami is not only beautiful but is a very smart girl.

Jami Marentes

We went to the sand dunes on the west side and Jami wore her dress she bought in Aguascalientes. It was hot, and so was the weather, but we survived.

You can view more pictures and buy prints HERE.

Side of the Road

My mom was born and raised in a small town called “El Salitre,” in the state of Zacatecas. I had done exstensive research on the internet prior to the trip in order to locate El Salitre, and had actually found two of them in the state of Zacatecas. Mom had mentioned that Villa Hidalgo was the nearest big town and her mother was born in a place called “El Rucio,” which was even closer to El Salitre. The two places I found were not remotely close to Villa Hidalgo. Even after all this research, I had not been able to find El Salitre anywhere near Villa Hidalgo. So today we were headed toward Villa Hidalgo, hoping we could find El Salitre somewhere nearby.

I knew that if I could find Villa Hidalgo, I could find Rucio and if I could find Rucio, I could find El Salitre. As we were winding on a turn on a hill, I could see Villa Hidalgo on the distance but no sign of Rucio. Suddenly we saw a cross road leading far into the distance. On the side of the road I saw a truck parked with two men inside. I stopped and asked where Rucio was located. The driver stepped out and pointed toward the road leading north into the distance.

“You have to take that road, first you come to El Salitre then Rucio.”

Did he say El Salitre?

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She was Virtuous
She was Virtuous

"She would dance and sing. She was virtuous.
She was kind of “naïve,” they all said.

Lies take everything and leave us naked."

A Chance to Escape
A Chance to Escape

"You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel.

Her lie waits within her for a chance to escape."

Never Shall I be Free

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Military Biker Chick

I been feeling better in the last week and decided to pick up on my photography.
Today I continued with my model series. I attended a gathering of Flickr photographers to shoot some vintage military vehicles.

Halt! Who Goes There!

I spend some time photographing model Zuri. It is hard to light correctly outside during mid day. I hate it!
Although I must say most pictures came out OK, but I was not able find my groove.

Zuri with two Locos!

But it was nice to spend some time with some good friends here in Burque.


You are a pretty vulnerable girl travelling on your red BMW through a dark deserted road and suddenly the car stalls on the side road.

Alone in the Dark Road

Looking ouside from the safety of your car is dark, desolate, threatning and unforgiving. You wonder what lurks in the shadows of the night?

Broken Down in Darkened Road

You wonder what made your car died in the middle on nowhere, but being a high class girl, the cause is a mystery beyond comprehension.

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